In 1954, when the Civita Castellana ceramic industry workers went on strike and their demands for better salaries came to nothing, 23 young workers decided to start a company of their own. To find the necessary funds, some of them took loans, others put their plans for a wedding on hold, but all of them, with hard work and undivided commitment, contributed to the realisation of a dream that had seemed impossible: they established Ceramica Flaminia, which in January 1955 began producing sanitary ware.

The factory

At the time, bathroom fixtures were made by handicraft systems. A ceramist began forming the product by modelling clay slabs with the aid of ad hoc supports, and all subsequent production stages were also carried out manually.

The kiln

The products were fired in a wood kiln whose structure was modelled after the renaissance kilns. There were no instruments to tell the temperature or indicate the various firing stages, it was up to the expertise of the fornaciari (kiln operators) to complete this final and critical stage of the production process successfully